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SSP (Special Study Permit) : AAFS No. AFF-04-006 , TESDA (Technical Education) : NTR No. 0707020059


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Intensive ESL

PINES INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY.  A name that is synonymous with quality English education.

1 on 1 class - 5 hours
4 on 1 class - 2 hours
Morning class - 1 hour
Evening class - 2 hours

About Intensive ESL Program

The following are the advantages of taking this program;

Intensive ESL Curriculum : The curriculum is an example of ESL program. For further inquiries, please contact us.

Sparta Speaking Levels
Level Course Curriculum
1on1 Class(5hours) 4on1 Class(2hours)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Beginners (Refresher) ·Basic Reading I II III
·Basic Vocabulary I II III
·Basic Conversation I II III
·Basic Pattern I II III
·Basic Communication I II III
·Basic Listening I II III
Level 4
Level 5
Pre-Intermediate (Bridging I) ·Intermediate Reading I II III
·Interaction I II III
·Expressions in Use I II III
·Intermediate Pattern I II III
·Paragraph Building I II III
·Developing Listening Skills I II III
Level 6
Level 7
Upper-Intermediate (Bridging II) ·Proactive Reading I II III
·Dynamic English I II III
·Speaking Tactics I II III
·Essential Phrasal Verbs I II III
·Essay Writing I II III
·Advanced Listening I II III
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Advanced (Expanding) ·Academic Reading I II III
·Idiomatic I II III
·Concept Exchange I II III
·Advanced Speaking Training I II III
·Business Communication I II III
·Listening Empowerment I II III
·Public Speaking I II III

This program is suitable for those;