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Support Center - Please make inquiries through email or Skype

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3D Pines

SSP (Special Study Permit) : AAFS No. AFF-04-006 , TESDA (Technical Education) : NTR No. 0707020059


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PINES INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY.  A name that is synonymous with quality English education.

1 on 1 class - 4 hours
4 on 1 class - 4 hours
Morning class - 1 hour
Evening class - 2 hours

About OPIc

Standards of Evaluation for OPIc

Evaluation Criteria
Global Task & Functions Context/Content Accuracy Text Type
Delivery skill: Spontaneity and consistency Coherence & Expressions Language Accuracy Length of each response & sentence structure

OPIc Module

3 Steps Recommended by PIA's Academic Team
Context/Content Accuracy Text Type
For beginners
Power ESL course 8 weeks + OPIc module 4 ~8weeks
Target: Above Intermediate Low Target: Above Intermediate Mid2

Descriptions of OPIc Proficiency Level

Schedule of OPIc Module - The table below illustrates the typical schedule of a student enrolled in OPIc Module Class.

Schedule of OPIc Module
  The beginners' course Sparta speaking + OPIc OPIc A Target: Above Novice OPIc B Target: Above Intermediate Mid 2
7:30 ~ 8:10 Morning listening option class
8:20 ~ 17:10 ·Regular class subjects for 8 hours a day during weekdays
·4 hours of 1on1 class
·4 hours of 4on1 class
(Each class is composed of 50 minutes)
18:30 ~ 19:30 Dinner
Required Self-Study 20:00~21:00 All students in the Advanced Course Campus are required to attend 'Required Self-Study'.
KPS Program 19:30~23:00 ·Please refer to KPS program.
·It is an optional night program.