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Support Center - Please make inquiries through email or Skype

Skype Messenger : pinesk@hotmail.com , jirung251@hotmail.com / E-mail : pinesschool@hanmail.net

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SSP (Special Study Permit) : AAFS No. AFF-04-006 , TESDA (Technical Education) : NTR No. 0707020059


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PINES INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY.  A name that is synonymous with quality English education.

1.Admission fee: To ask more detailed information about corresponding fees, Please email us at pinesshool@hanmail.net

2. Miscellaneous fee

Miscellaneous fee
  Amount (Peso) Details
ssp 6,300 Peso Special Study Permit
ACR I-Card 3,300 Peso Identification card for foreigners
Visa Extension · 8weeks : 3,440 Peso
· 12wees : 4,710 Peso
· 16weeks : 2,740 Peso
· 20weeks : 2,740 Peso
· 24weeks : 2,740 Peso
First 30days of arrival in the Philippines: No need to extend
If it is beyond 30 days, visa extension at least 3 days before it expires should be processed.
Hotel deposit 3,000 Peso Refundable
Water and Electric Average 1,000 Peso For 4 weeks (1 term)
Laundry Free Regular wash: Free up to 10kg
Textbook Average 1,000 Peso Per term
It depends on the level.

Other fees
Air fare It should be a round-trip ticket.
Insurance -
Airport terminal fee It is not charged at Manila International Airport. (Updated 2015)
It is charged at Mactan and Clark Airport only.